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The purpose of this site is to empower others through the message that Jesus is the Christ. We share the benefits of living the life of an overcomer in a very simple, yet profound way. As you experience the content of this library, you will be stirred with desire to go before the King as your understanding will come alive with true wisdom.

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  • Two men were joined together in a search for a mystical city being directed only by an old map and a few words of encouragement from a friend who knew about the mystical city. The two men plus the third man symbolized a triangle where each was joined together with the others in an unbroken connection. Their quest to reach the mystical city...Read More
  • The Bible speaks of a pool called Siloam in John’s gospel. At a certain season of the year, an angel went down into the pool, and troubled the water. John wrote: “whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had” (Jo.5:4). God seeks to…Read More
  • … he grew more adamant in his defense of the message that reincarnation had nothing to do with what he was saying. No matter how much he insisted otherwise, I knew that he was operating from the spirit of error. At one point in the conversation, I took authority over the spirit and began to mightily preach Jesus Christ, the power and wisdom of God. The man became so enraged…Read More
  • Viewed in this light, the heart of Adam can be seen as God’s garden where the tree of life could be found in the midst thereof. Also in Adam could be found his soul. As the soul was a “son” unto Adam’s spirit, the soul had to be perfected in the things of the spirit. The soul was therefore required to eat of every tree in the garden that was “good for food”. Only one tree…Read More
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  • Angels were allowed to follow my test from heaven. Once more, I did not know that thisRead More